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Friday, November 24, 2000


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Council erupts with Massive debate

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Council erupts with Massive debate

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The debate over Operation Massive's failure turned into a highly contentious argument late Wednesday night at the University Students' Council meeting.

At the last general meeting of the USC, VP-student affairs Chris Sinal delivered a report on the planning and disappointing outcome of Nov. 10 dance party at Thompson Arena. In his 22-page report, it was announced Operation Massive incurred a loss of $31,193.43.

Social Science Students' Council president Josh Morgan said such a venture should have been brought in front of the entire council before getting the go ahead from the USC board of directors.

Sinal said such a move would have made sense. "In hindsight, had it been brought to council, it would have been a valuable check."

Luke Petrykowski, Senator-at-Large, said Operation Massive was poorly conceived and students deserved a formal apology printed in The Gazette. "I scoured the budget and I could not find [an allocation for] an ill-conceived, poorly planned event that would cost tens of thousands of dollars," he said. "I'd like you to go one step further and apologize to the student body."

Petrykowski said councillors were not doing their job and had failed council. "Councillors are clearly not doing their job. I'm the only one in touch with the consciousness of students."

A motion proposed by Petrykowski to issue an apology was defeated and councillors were quick to respond to the newly-elected senator's charges.

Health sciences councillor, Sera Vavala, said Petrykowski had done nothing to promote the event. "What active role did you play in advertising Operation Massive, for you to stand here and offend me," she said.

Scott Belton, USC governmental affairs commissioner, said Petrykowski was refusing to work with the rest of council. "I've seen Mr. Petrykowski criticize council and criticize the integrity of individual councillors and now he's been elected to the USC team," he said. "Now that you're part of the team of more than 200 people, are you going to start working with the team?"

Petrykowski responded he was only protecting the interests of students. "If the USC goes against what I believe in, they go against what students believe in," he said.

USC president, Dave Braun, then attempted to put a stop to the arguing. "Is the USC question period turning into the political grandstanding of the House of Commons?"

An apology to students had already been issued, Sinal explained. "An apology to [council] is an apology to everyone on campus."

Mike Lawless, King's College councillor, said he understood the rationale behind an apology but felt more had to be done. "We've got to do more than write a letter. We have to make sure shit like this doesn't happen again."

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