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Wednesday, November 29, 2000


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Disney steps in puppy poop with 102 Dalmations

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102 Dalmations
Starring: Glenn Close, Gerard Depardieu, Eric Idle
Directed By: Kevin Lima

By Cara Moroney
Gazette Staff

Who let the dogs out?

With the release of 102 Dalmations, it seems movie executives have once again passed over creativity and originality for the exploitation of a tried and true formula. Unfortunately, just because they use a whole bunch of adorable dogs, doesn't mean the idea will fly. They should give kids a little more credit.

It's hard to tell these days what kids will like, but this movie is certainly not it. Sure, the dogs are cute and very popular among children, but that kind of thing does not take the place of a good story, or any story for that matter. 102 Dalmations seems to have been thrown together in an effort to squeeze more money out of an old Disney franchise.

The movie opens with Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) getting released from prison on parole. She is supposed to be fully rehabilitated, but through some kind of badly explained loophole, the therapy she received reverts itself and she returns to her old conniving, dogknapping ways.

De Vil resurrects her old design for a Dalmatian coat, but this time adds a twist – now the addition of a hood would require one extra dog. This is the film's premise – it is essentially the same story as the 101 Dalmations, but with an extra dog. The twist here is that the 102nd dog has no spots. There is a little bit of an ugly duckling storyline here, but not enough to salvage the movie.

Overall, 102 Dalmations lacks an audience. It offers no valuable lessons for children and there are some scenes that are too adult-like in content for kids to appreciate. At the same time, these scenes are not quite adult-like enough to be enjoyed by an older audience. There are a few funny moments, but for the most part, it is rather ridiculous.

For those who are hoping to find a good family film to take younger relatives to this Christmas season, 102 Dalmations has about 103 reasons why it should not be seen. In short, stick with the original Disney animation feature, which remains far more entertaining for all ages.

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