Volume 94, Issue 51

Wednesday, November 29, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Strip show helps Western in no way

Re: Sex on the Concrete Beach, Nov. 24.

To the Editor:

Sex is for fun and anyone who doesn't go along with this must have a hang up. This is the message I feel The Wave and the USC are sending to the campus community by bringing male strippers to Western.

People who have a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or other world view that sees sexuality in a different light, are effectively drowned out by a screaming crowd eager for a look at several male groins, and by the USC's entertainment staff gleefully counting beans at the end of the evening.

The Gazette editorial of Nov. 24, which I appreciated, suggests that strip show attenders are more liberal and non-participants are conservatives. But this must be putting something backwards. If by conservative, one means being overly concerned with profits to the detriment of just about everything else; the promoters of the strip show qualify not as liberals, but as conservatives.

In the meantime, I can't think of any ways in which a strip show benefits the university. One parent who is on staff at Western and whose children attend here has written me to express her deep disappointment.

Does the USC desire to merely push a narrow set of offending values down the throats of students and their families? Or does it seek to establish trust with the wider community the unversity attempts to serve?

Michael Veenema
UWO Chaplain

When will girls "work it?" - Patron wants stripper equality

Re: Ladies night draws females in Waves, Nov. 24.

To the Editor:

I found it a bit strange to hear about the "Ladies' Night" at The Wave the other day, but there are a few things that didn't really surprise me.

1) You need a bunch of naked dudes there in order to get somebody to voluntarily set foot in The Wave. Let's face it – the place is a tomb. I've been there twice in three years, and still wish I'd spent those 10 minutes at The Spoke.

2) The concern from Mary Cameron, the Christian Fellowship person, when she questioned "Whether parents would want their children attending Western if they knew what was going on within a campus bar."

While I'm sure no parent would want their children to go to a strip show, Western students – and prospective students – are not children.

Not to bash [all] religious people, but why does it seem like whenever somebody does something of "questionable morality" some Bible-thumper cries out, "Won't somebody please think of the children?" la Reverend Lovejoy's wife on The Simpsons?

3) As the article reads, "we've only had one letter sent in objecting to what happened on 'Ladies' Night.'"

Okay, but what would the response have been if the event were "boys' night out", where a bunch of girls stripped to the flesh?

More than one letter, I imagine.

What kind of double standard is this? Sure, if I wanted, I could go to The Forum, Solid Gold, or whatever other men's bars are in town, but that's not nearly as convenient as going to the UCC after a night class for a jiggle-fest.

Anyway, my real question is this: When are we going to have a bunch of naked women in The Wave "shaking their money-makers," "working it for daddy," and so on?

Michael B. Gilmour

Potential monk critiques "confused" letter

Re: God, frogs, beakers and failed political decorum, Nov. 23.

To the Editor:

I'm not sure exactly what "loss of rights and freedoms" Esther Whittingstall is complaining about in her extremely confused letter. Her theory that the PC, NDP and Liberal parties should not be allowed to criticize the Alliance for their desire to turn religious beliefs into national policy (i.e. teaching Creationism in schools) is a prime example of abridging democratic rights.

The ability of political parties to criticize each other's political platforms is the cornerstone of any functioning democratic system.

Furthermore, I have no idea what analogy Ms. Whittingstall was trying to draw between political debates and boiling frogs, but I'd just like to point out that if you are going to boil frogs, make sure you serve the legs with red wine and a side order of rice or pasta. I cannot emphasize the side order enough.


If I have to explain this one more time, I'm going to drop out of school, move to Tibet and join a monastery.

Mike Setey
Arts IV

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