Volume 94, Issue 52

Thursday, November 30, 2000


Campus under lock and key - Students still urged to exercise caution

Walkin' safe - think about it

Western students cautious at night

Western students cautious at night

While violent crimes around university campuses may not be on the rise, students are generally not taking any chances while they roam around at night. Here's what a few Western students had to say about the safety on campus.

"I think campus is safe. But for some females, it might not be. There are lots of buildings and areas, like bridges, where people can hide. Students should try to walk with other people."

– Warren Gagnon, psychology III

"At night, I try not to walk too far and I stay on the well lit pathways. I was a student at Guelph last year when there was a rapist on the campus. I was nervous there but now, it seems so far away. I don't know if [campuses are] more dangerous or if violence has been more publicized.

– Laurie McBeth, history III

"I feel pretty safe at Western. Foot Patrol is really great. When I see them walking, I feel safe. They've helped me out a lot."

– Shikha Singh, biology III

"When there are other people around, I feel OK. But lighting on campus is scarce. There needs to be better lighting outside."

– Sarai Aguilar, sociology III

"When the York [stalker] was out, my brother walked me to school. I always made sure people were around me. People should have someone they trust around them."

– Nadine Yacoub, sociology III

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