Volume 94, Issue 38

Tuesday, November 18, 2000


Homeless get a vote

Hate crimes committee bolstered

Better youth turnout a goal for elections

York U. strike could be over soon

UPD urges students to call Foot Patrol

Campus Briefs

Quirks and Smirks

Ontario labour law questioned

Missing triplets spotted in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Campus Briefs

Where poppies grow

A Remembrance Day ceremony will take place at University College this Saturday, Nov. 11.

Western Chaplain, Michael Veenema, confirmed the ceremony will start at 10:30 a.m. in Conron Hall, adding they are open to all students, faculty and staff..

"We need to take the time to remember the Canadian loss during the World Wars," he said. "Canadian soldiers strived to make the world a better place for others."

–Daren Lin

Municipal candidates face the public

Students have a chance to meet their local city council candidates face to face this today and tomorrow in the University Community Centre Atrium.

Brad Nicpon, University Students' Council municipal affairs commissioner, said Ward 1, Ward 2 and Board of Control candidates will be appearing in the UCC, at 12 noon today for a media forum and mayoral candidates will face the media panel tomorrow, also at 12 noon. The public will be allowed to question the candidates in addition to the questions posed from the media panel, he said.

"I'm hoping this provides awareness for people to vote. If you're interested in the election or interested in the candidates, this is the way to find out about them."

–Aaron Wherryf

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