Volume 94, Issue 38

Tuesday, November 18, 2000


Homeless get a vote

Hate crimes committee bolstered

Better youth turnout a goal for elections

York U. strike could be over soon

UPD urges students to call Foot Patrol

Campus Briefs

Quirks and Smirks

Ontario labour law questioned

Missing triplets spotted in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Planet Me

Quirks and Smirks

With elections on various levels creeping up in the next couple weeks, we
sent out a Gazette roving reporter to find out whether or not students on
campus plan on voting in the upcoming federal election. Here are some of
the responses you came up with:

"I'll vote because I think the Liberals should stay in. They've done a good job so far with the surplus and in paying down the debt."

–Matt Nanos, arts I

"I personally have a problem with the Alliance party. I'll be voting against them. If there wasn't an Alliance party I probably wouldn't care.

–Alim Mawani,
administrative and commercial studies I

"I'll be voting in my home riding and I'm voting Canadian Alliance. I'm fed up with the Liberals. Jean Chretien has become a dictator."

–David Zakel, visual arts II

"I'm not voting because I have no idea what's going on."

–Rachel Forrest, social science I

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