Volume 94, Issue 38

Tuesday, November 18, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Mike Harris

To the Editor:

I can easily say with no restrictions that Mike Harris' Tories are leaving a legacy here in Ontario. As young men and women growing up to inherit this wonderful province; we can only be thankful.

Never has Ontario experienced such high economic growth. Harris has proved that tax cuts and responsible government spending work. He adhered to his blueprint and the "Common Sense Revoltion" he was elected on and successfully balanced the budget, restructured healthcare and put more accountability into the classroom.

I think we can all appreciate the Premier for making this province one worth saving from another Liberal or NDP spending binge: A province we can be proud to call our own.

Mike Liebrock
English II

With spirit sapped, look south of the border?

To the Editor:

On the weekend of Oct. 30, I had the opportunity to visit the home of US college football, Notre Dame University. If any of you are as football mad as I am, you will know how thrilling it can be to attend a Notre Dame home football game. What amazes me is not that they draw 80,000 plus to their games, but that they draw so many people to the campus for the whole weekend.

The city of South Bend is no bigger than 75,000 people. On Friday night, the university holds a pep rally at their arena and it is packed with over 12,000 people. They introduce the starting lineups, Regis Philbin made a speech, everyone cheers and sings, their band plays, cheerleaders do their thing and everyone goes crazy.

Then on game day, over 200,000 people converge on the campus to tailgate. With almost two-thirds of them not even going to watch the game. They have a parade around campus and much more. What bothered me so much is when I thought about how we do things here at Western.

We may consider ourselves to be the top football school in Canada, but you can plainly see how pathetic we are in comparison to even small American high schools.

Why do we not have rallies and parades for our teams?

How is it that a school of over 25,000 students, in a city of over 300,000 people, cannot fill a 10,000 seat stadium?

This baffles me.

Our team is consistently ranked in the national top 10, yet we get lousy fan support. Moreover, how hard would it be to organize a rally where each residence attended wearing their shirts, the band played some tunes, famous alumni talked to us and there was a mass student parade from campus to the stadium?

Maybe I am being too much of an idealist, but wouldn't it be cool?

Anthony Macaluso
Political Science II

Comics not funny

Re: Gazette Comics, Nov 3.

To the Editor:

I am writing a quick quip to the makers of the non-humourous Friday comics page. I am a deeply concerned Western student who is shocked that no one on The Gazette staff or their comic writers display even a remote sense of comedic talent.

My concern is not for my own well being, but for the thousands of impressionable youth that read this drivel every Friday in a vain attempt to bring laughter into their otherwise dull and bitter lives.

If this trend of unfunniness continues any longer, I foresee the uncorrectable imprinting of dull, dry humour on future Western alumni. These people will be imprisoned forever to walk the Earth in a perpetual zombie like state, feeding off the lame humour in comics like Hagar the Horrible and Garfield (Family Circus was left off this list because the comic is more of just a statement rather than an actual joke).

I hope The Gazette will rectify this situation as soon as possible.

Bryce Holiday
Biology/Computer Science III

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