Volume 94, Issue 39

Wednesday, November 8, 2000


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Band Gob tells it like it really is

Gray's Ladder glows

Buried Treasure

Gray's Ladder glows

David Gray
White LadderBMG

In a time when the charts are dominated by the anger of Limp Bizkit, the bubble gum pop of Britney Spears and the all around crap of Creed, it's refreshing to hear the quality and clarity found in David Gray's White Ladder.

With a voice like Bob Dylan and uncomplicated musical arrangements that echo Josh Rouse, David Gray is likely the male counterpart to a mellower Beth Orton. But unlike Orton, Gray takes the minimalist approach in production, adding subtle electronic sounds only noticed when the listener finds themselves tapping along to the laid back beats of "Babylon" or the soothing melody of "No We're Not Right."

Underneath the layer of drum beats and electronic production, Gray's real talent comes to the fore. The simple acoustic arrangements found on White Ladder make the record sound so intimate, they makes the listener feel like an intruder in their own home.

Hearing Gray's desperation on the album's highlight "This Years Love," is enough to picture the passionate man seated at a grand piano while slightly drunk and singing to himself.

Although it's perfect for night driving, White Ladder is best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with a glass of wine – two glasses if with a loved one. The loved one is optional because, despite the presence of the token love songs, it's a good album to be lonely to as well.

–Andrea Chiu

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