Volume 94, Issue 39

Wednesday, November 8, 2000


Letters to the Editor

The gentleman's game of chance: A caveat

Letters to the Editor

Campus home to homophobia, hostility

Re: Where have all the gays gone? Oct 13.

To the Editor:

It's too bad the editorial staff at The Gazette doesn't feel some research is appropriate before publishing opinions columns. Matt Pearson's column on the apathy of queers on campus was puzzling, at best.

He seems to believe Western's administration and the University Students' Council have made their "best efforts" to provide queer space on campus.

What a joke.

Had he researched the issue at all, he would have realized that for many years, queer activists on this campus worked with few resources to provide a vibrant queer student network that included two active and well-attended queer clubs and an active queer issues commission. Over the years, these dedicated students fought for student directed queer space, but were constantly met with opposition.

The administration simply ignored students' calls for student directed queer space in the University Community Centre and the USC has done little more than give lip service to the idea.

What queer students (and potential queer students) at this university need is a USC that cares about queer issues. What we need really is a woman-positive queer president! Perhaps then, queer students would be given the space we deserve to organize and maintain our proud community here at Western.

It is a disgrace that some students wish to blame queer students themselves for a lack of queer visibility on campus. Put the blame where it belongs: squarely on the USC and Western's administration and the atmosphere of homophobia and hostility that exists on this campus (especially for queer women), that contributed to the burn-out of many dedicated queer activists.

Alexa Duggan
Political Science IV
Former uwOUT! President

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