Volume 94, Issue 40

Thursday, November 9, 2000


Thomas Homer-Dixon predicts the future

Wong dines with the stars

Snow softens his sound

Snow softens his sound

Mind On The Moon

Virtually absent from the music scene since hitting it big with "Informer" in 1993, Snow tries to garner more of that success with a new sound on Mind On The Moon.

This new album sees Snow stray from his previous hard-edged roughness and try his hand at a softer sound. "Everybody Wants to Be Like You," the album's first release, displays this more melodic style. "Nothin' On Me" and "Little Did They Know" have a similar sound, with lyrics that are obviously personal and introspective.

Snow also showcases his vocals by minimizing the rap and reggae charge. The rapid and barely understandable dance hall vocals of "Informer" accent songs like "Jimmy Hat," "Scrub Off" and "Joke Thing" without overpowering them. The tracks on this album don't require much vocal range, so Snow's mediocre voice proves sufficient enough to sustain each song.

The slower, mellower beats are met with some pop-infusion and even some Latin groove. "Everything's Fine" is ruined by too much record scratching, while "Funky Martini" mixes way too many sounds together.

Mind on the Moon shows a very different side of Snow. This slower, smoother and sometimes sensual side works in "Everybody Want to Be Like You" but not so well in "The Plumb Song," which leaves you wondering which Snow – old or new – is better. With this new album, Snow isn't absolutely effective either way.

–Jenny Benincasa

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