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Thursday, November 9, 2000


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USC discusses stance on student code

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

A path of action was pondered at last night's University Students' Council meeting as council decided their stance on the specifics of Western's Student Code of Conduct.

USC legal affairs officer Jeffrey Clayman presented council with a history of the code, the formation of the advisory committee on the code as well as the first and second drafts of the document.

He later presented issues of concern the USC had with the code including sanctions for off-campus behaviour, defining student groups, multiple disciplinary proceedings, the lack of legal council for students and grounds for appeal.

"I think the presentation got all of the relevant points across," Clayman said. "We're pointing out issues to council so that they can decide what to act and what not to act on."

Mike Curry, a non-voting student member on the advisory committee for the code, said the code has the potential to protect as much as it has to harm students. "The code as a whole is a good thing – but it could be better."

Curry said he felt his role on the committee was one that was treated cordially by the other non-student members but added registrar Roma Harris did have the final say on any suggestions.

He said in terms of student input into the code, there was ample time for the university to get involved with its makeup. "There were two consultation periods, one last December as well as a six month period between April and October. Students just didn't take advantage of it," he said.

USC King's College councillor, Mike Lawless, said he supported the initiative taken by the USC to present their concerns with the code and felt confident that councillors would be well informed on all of the code's points.

"I hope both the Senate and the council take all of these issues into account. The consequences of this code are just so immense to students and life at Western," he said.

The meeting adjourned with a motion being passed stating council formally accepted and endorsed the concerns raised by the USC Board of Directors on the proposed second draft of the code.

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