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Thursday, October 12, 2000


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Rosa serves it up with flair


By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Looking for an escape to somewhere hot this winter?

Mexicali Rosa's, nestled quaintly on Picadilly Avenue off Richmond Street, is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to spice things up.

With a varied and hearty menu, offering many mouth-watering dishes, Rosa's combines all the flavour of California-style Mexican cooking, with a faux-traditional decor sure to win over even the pickiest gourmets.

At first glance, the menu stands apart from other Richmond Row eateries sheerly because of its commitment to special dietary needs. Aside from the standard issue of chicken, beef and bean choices at most Mexican restaurants, Rosa's provides a wide sampling of vegetarian dishes and almost everything on the menu can be prepared for even the strictest vegan.

To start, Rosa's offers over 10 appetizer choices, ranging from deep fried taquitos and Mexican spring rolls to stuffed tortilla flautas and quesadillas. One delicious selection very worthy of mention is the nachos con pollo dish (nachos with chicken). This appetizer, perfect for two, consists of a plate of homemade nacho chips served smothered with cheese, chicken, tomatoes and mild green chiles. What makes these nachos a savoury choice is that each chip is equally smothered with copious amounts of chicken and cheese – no chip is ever left uncovered.

For the hungry Gringo, Mexicali Rosa's entree menu is nothing short of spectacular. With everything from chilies, salads and wrap sandwiches, Rosa's offers non-traditional Mexican-style fare for the reluctant diner, as well as many traditional entrees like tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, burritos, dinner quesadillas and fajitas. These traditional Mexican offerings are quite unlike anything you've ever had before. Always served steaming hot and loaded with mixed vegetables and beans, these dinners are also provided with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole, for your added pleasure.

Since each entree selection is provided as a dinner and accompanied by Mexican-style rice, homemade beans and a small side salad, it is almost impossible to leave hungry.

For those looking to satisfy a grilled craving, Rosa's selection of "from the grill" meals, like New York sirloin, arroz con pollo (charbroiled chicken breast) and steak or chicken tampiquena, contribute a new twist to the regular stand-bys. There are also four pasta dishes on the menu, which allow the diner to meld two familiar tastes: delicious pasta and appetizing Mexican spices. These are not to be passed over.

Some additional pluses are the daily specials, combined with a slew of non-domestic draught and domestic beer brands. There are also four non-alcoholic beverage choices such as non-alcoholic sangria, beer, frosties and smoothies, as well as traditionally-prepared margaritas, daiquiris, Mexican caesars and tequila sunrises.

With a world of new flavours and tastes and a friendly staff willing to answer questions and concerns at every turn, it would be senseless to miss this wonderful and fairly priced dining experience.

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