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Thursday, October 12, 2000


BOG candidates face USC grilling

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BOG candidates face USC grilling

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

In what was at times a testy debate, undergraduate Board of Governors candidates faced the queries of University Students' Council members last night.

Current BOG student representative, Michael Rubinoff, began the inquisition by asking candidates whether they were committed to a full two year term, given past BOG student representatives being unable to serve out their entire term because of other commitments.

First-year honours business administration student Jeff Baryshnik, said school commitments would definitely keep him at Western for the full two years. Elizabeth Dipchand, a first-year law student and Eric Fortin, a second-year political science student, also confirmed they would be able to serve the full term.

Andrew Macklin, a third-year history student, explained he had transferred from the music faculty and only needed a year and a half of classes to complete his degree.

Despite this, he maintained he would schedule his schooling around potential duties on the BOG.

Melissa Parker, a third-year medical student, said she would begin her residency in September of 2002 and therefore may miss one BOG meeting out of the 10 over the course of her term. Later, she said she wanted to be completely honest with those in attendance. "You've heard several wishy-washy commitments from people up here," she said. "I've been honest with you."

Third-year honours biology student Luke Petrykowski, said he would apply to various medical schools after completion of his degree at Western but would remain here if the students wanted him to do so.

First-year law student Raivo Uukkivi, said completion of his degree at Western would keep him at Western the full two years of a BOG term.

Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence councillor Scott Belton, asked each candidate to explain the one quality they lacked which was important to a BOG member.

"I get frustrated with people who don't do their homework," Uukkivi said. "But I don't think anyone will be at BOG meetings without doing their homework."

Petrykowski said he lacked modesty. "One problem I have is I'm not very modest, so I'm going to talk about my strengths," he said.

"I have an inability to deal with people who don't want to listen," Macklin said. "I would just have to show them the respect I felt I deserved."

Fortin said he had a problem with authority. "I have an inability to accept overt levels of authority when we are trying to have a discussion."

Dipchand cited the steep learning curve for new BOG members. "I have a good understanding from the observer perspective," she said. "I don't yet have the perspective of current members."

Baryshnik said his strong views might be a flaw. "Quite often I've been opinionated with certain issues," he said. "[I have to realise] I'm not BOG, just part of BOG."

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