Volume 94, Issue 24

Thursday, October 12, 2000


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Braun says USC vision needs focus

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council has ceased its wandering and has now forged a direct path towards the future.

The USC Board of Directors unveiled its goals and visions for the upcoming year at last night's council meeting.

"Council needs a clear direction of where it's going," said USC President Dave Braun. "Our council is not concerned with the wording of by-laws, we're concerned with action."

The first part of Braun's presentation dealt with external issues. Braun cited Western's new Student Code of Conduct as an important issue in this area and said it was important to receive future input from the Western community. "This will be something which affects students for the next twenty, one hundred and two hundred years," he said.

Braun added the USC will assist in lobbying other progressive universities to enter the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, Western's national lobby group. "Ontario faces a lot of challenges and we need to keep chipping away and ensure the government is listening," he added.

He said Western would strive to be a leader in pushing the provincial government to allow university students to hold ex-officio, non-voting seats on the highest levels of government.

Other issues on which he focussed, were the USC coming aboard Campus Advantage, a student corporation which can negotiate better deals for the students, as well as the new Western Programming and Activities Network, which he said is concerned with increasing the opportunities, activities and communication between residences and faculty councils.

Braun stressed the USC's push for a solid plan to deal with environmental issues. "I think this student council can be a leader in Canada when it comes to environmental actions," he added. "We need to put in the time and resources for a progressive action plan."

Kevin Dunne, a USC Arts representative, said he agreed with the concept of setting a USC vision. "Council changes its face every year," he said. "It's good to have a vision in place for the direction of future councils."

Neil Kapoor, a voting student senator, said in the future, it would be positive if the council could provide their collective goals for the Board. "We can blend the idea together and reaffirm the direction Board is going in."

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