Volume 94, Issue 24

Thursday, October 12, 2000


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Petrykowski gunning for BOG

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Petrykowski gunning for BOG

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The Luke Petrykowski train of 'C.A.R.E.' is back on track, as the third-year science student has his eyes set on conducting things on the Board of Governors.

"BOG needs a voice that can fight for the students," Petrykowski said of his decision to run for the spot on Western's highest governing body. "This position entails a lot of responsibility promoting the issues and challenges of the students' to both administration and the rest of BOG."

If elected to the BOG, Petrykowski said he is ready to fight for students on such topics as accessibility and deregulation. He said, if elected, his position would be to battle for the students' best interests.

Petrykowski explained it will take energy and a strong voice to represent students. In doing so, the profile of student government at the university increases. "Not only does [BOG] look into the best interest of the students, but also the university as a whole."

A presidential candidate in last year's University Students' Council presidential election, Petrykowski said the decision to run for the board this year was not made on his own.

"I didn't choose BOG, BOG chose me," he said. "The reason I'm here is because the students have approached me and asked me to represent them and their best interests."

Petrykowski said sometimes the university's interests do not coincide with the interests of students, adding it is going to take a fighter to stick up for the future of housing, tuition and quality of education.

"The qualities the winning [BOG] candidate should possess, are experience, commitment and leadership – all three of these things I possess," he said. "I'm a fighter, I'm here to fight for [students].

"The problems that exist in today's student governance need to be corrected and it's going to take energy and vision to succeed in this task. Above all, we can only do this if we do it together," he said.

Petrykowski said if there's anyone who wants to make a difference at Western and wants a candidate to take up the cause of student governance, they need to find someone to fight for what they believe in. "I want students to believe in me," he said

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