Volume 94, Issue 24

Thursday, October 12, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A call for democracy

To the Editor:

University elections for the positions of Board of Governors and Senate are just days away (Oct.18 and 19). Last year, these elections garnered a six per cent turnout of eligible voters. More importantly, 94 per cent did not turn out to vote. Is this democracy?

R. M. Hutchins once said, "The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference and undernourishment." It is our responsibility and privilege,

to provide the sustenance that keeps the flame of democracy at Western alight.

To those students who have chosen not to vote in the past, I urge your voice to be heard this year.

It is easy not to vote. It is even easier to say that you don't care. We have to stand and speak. We have to challenge the status quo. We have to tear down this wall of apathy. We demand visibility and accountability of our student leaders. We have to strike at the tyranny of indifference that surrounds us.

The only way to accomplish this is to vote. Vote for someone that you truly believe in. Vote for someone who will represent you and listen to you. In the everlasting words of Dylan Thomas, "rage, rage against the dying of the light" and vote.

Luke Petrykowski
BOG/Senate Candidate
Polish Students'Union President
Honours Biology III

Trash issue gets stained

Re:Trashy Western,Oct 4.

To the Editor:

It's my first year at Western. I don't know how it was here a couple of years ago. I read in an article in The Gazette last week about the piles of waste thrown here and there on campus and I can't agree with it more, but if you just take a moment and give it a thought, you cannot blame anyone for it.

I think the staff is really facing a difficulty keeping all of campus clean with this huge number of students. There should be a sense of responsibility.

I was really shocked. It's quite possible a second-year biology student who might be out there some day, working to limit the effects of pollution on planet Earth, is leaving his waste under the chair in the lecture room.

What can you name such a behaviour? The only reasonable explanation I could come up with was the concern about offering a good meal to bacteria.

You are paying your tuition, the university is paying money to keep the place clean, but that doesn't mean you should abstain from burning a couple calories to get to a waste basket.

In the end, it's all up to you – a clean class, a clean campus, a clean city, a clean country, a clean world. Western is a place in which you'll spend three or four years of your life – it's up to you to keep it as it should be.

Mawadda Alnaeeli
Biology II

One-way ticket to misogyny

Re:The Ticket,Oct 6.

To the Editor:

Once again, I am completely disgusted by the amount of sexist, misogynist advertising that is placed throughout The Gazette, as if to promote the objectification of women as sexual objects.

The cover page for "The Ticket" in last Friday's issue of The Gazette displays an older male holding the waist of a young blonde female – who would seem to represent the epitome of femininity for male eyes.

The caption above it reads "Nothing says Thanksgiving like tender thighs and breasts."

Now anyone who reads this realizes in a second that this is not meant to refer to an actual Thanksgiving meal, but that of the highly sexualized woman, showing off her body for others to gawk and drool at.

If students at Western are truly committed to eradicating gender stereotypes, violence against women and sexist advertisements, then why place such trash in a publication that is read by 95 per cent of the student population?

We are being taught that men and women are equal, women aren't just sexual objects and that violence against women must end. But at the same time, advertisements like these simply re-enforce ancient sexist ideals and defeat the whole notion of equality and respect that is crucial to us all.

Kristin White
Women's Studies II
Women's Issues Network co-ordinator

Small letter asks big question

Re:Trashy Western,Oct 4.

To the Editor:

Jessica R. Lumiere wants to know "why we cannot afford to pay staff to keep this school clean?"

I want to know why she does not even consider that she, that we, the entire student body – every last one of us – take responsibility for our own creation of trash!

Carlyn Shore
Special Student

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