Volume 94, Issue 24

Thursday, October 12, 2000


One is never enough for Western's Wells

Not for me, thank you

One is never enough for Western's Wells

By Tiffany Richardson
Gazette Writer

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Put Tara Wells on a rugby field, or a wrestling mat and she will show you a thing a two about each sport.

When she's not in a political science class learning about the vagaries of political fumblings in a news scrum, she is tackling varsity opponents in a rugby match, or pinning pretty pugilists to the pads for the Western Mustangs.

Hailing from Aurora, Ontario, Wells' life has always included sports. She was been actively involved in team oriented athletics since the age of three and grew up in a sports minded family. "My mom always encouraged me to play and I have always been competitive with my sister," Wells said.

Throughout high school Wells participated in seven sports yearly. Putting academics ahead of everything, she feels participating in athletics has taught her to manage her time.

"Sports are a big time commitment and you can only do a few things well," she said. "School is the reason I am here so that's my priority. With practices and games there is less time to waste and always something to look forward to."

Deciding to attend Western was a choice Wells' twin sister seemed to make for her. Since both girls were torn over choosing between Queen's or Western, Wells said she became Western-bound when her sister decided on Queen's.

Since both girls wrestle for different Ontario universities it could mean they might compete against each other this year. "I've never had to wrestle her competitively, but this year might change," Wells said. "I don't think either of us are looking forward to wrestling each other.

"I don't want to lose to her." Wells said, of wrestling her sister. Still, she does not want to win five points to zero, either.

Although Wells only began wrestling last November, she brought home second place in the Ontario Junior Provincials in February, then in March she came home with the same standing at the Junior National level. This year Wells also plays for the Western women's rugby team.

Western's wrestling coach, Ray Takahashi, said Wells is a talented athlete and has both the physical and mental strength needed to compete. "On the mat she is physically strong and she has a lot of determination – she's pretty tough."

Rugby co-captain, Judy McCartney, said she thinks it's great Wells has the ability to successfully play both sports. "I think it is good that she wrestles," McCartney said.

"She's brought new skills to the team and strengthened old ones."

According to McCartney, it's hard to chase the tyrant of the field known as Tara Wells. "If you do happen to catch her – good luck bringing her down."

Not only does Wells bring physical strengths to both teams, she also understands what it means to be a team player. "She is a good role model with a positive attitude and you never hear her complain with all she has to do," Takahashi said.

When other girls ask Wells what type of advice she has for getting involved, she is quick to help. "Do not be afraid to try new experiences. If you find something that challenges you stick with it, or you won't see the gains that arise from the challenge."

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