Volume 94, Issue 24

Thursday, October 12, 2000


One is never enough for Western's Wells

Not for me, thank you

Not for me, thank you

Joel Brown
Sports Editor

Recently, it seems more and more women are craving for controlled violence within the sporting realm.

Physical female sports have a chance right now to hit an unprecedented growth because of two events. First, the movie Girlfight is expected to send women running to boxing gyms everywhere. Second, plans are now in place for a female professional football league.

Now, as a sports fan, my idea of a fun-filled afternoon or evening doesn't include watching women beat the crap out of each other. It also doesn't include 280-pound ladies grunting and grinding on a football field.

If I wanted to see black eyes and broken bones, I'd much rather turn to my male brethren.

I'm not a person who would profess to count the days until the women's March Madness tournament, or even the fairer sex's version of the World Cup. However, I will admit many female sports do have something to offer.

Hockey, a shining example, allows little to no physical contact at the female level, allowing for a more fluid and offensive game than you would see if men were competing.

In women's basketball, a more outside shooting game is needed to succeed than in men's basketball. This helps take away from the methodical post-game that is essential to success within the male game. Both of these sports offer a side of the game that would not be seen otherwise.

Even other physical female sports like rugby and wrestling rely less on brute strength and more on athletic prowess and skill.

Yet, in football and boxing the victor is most often the one who does a better job at beating the crap out of his/her opponent. Of course women are capable of throwing a punch or tackling a sissy wide receiver, just like a man, but really, who's going to want to see them do it?

Like it or not, there is something quite ugly about women taking on the macho persona and proceeding to lay an ass-whopping on each other.

Sure there may be little girls hanging Christy Martin or Laila Ali posters on their bedroom walls, or lacing up the pads as we speak, but it doesn't mean I'll be watching them as they grow into boxing and football queens. Nor do I feel obligated to.

Hey women, if you want to crack beer cans over your heads, have belching contests, stick your hands down your crotches and slap asses just like men go right ahead. I suppose there is someone out there who is willing to watch women show their ability to physically destroy an opponent. There are, aren't there?

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