Volume 94, Issue 25

Friday, October 13, 2000


The sweetest fruit of all

London Swans ready to rock

Night is same old Love Inc.

Eat your heart out, Jimmy Dean

Night is same old Love Inc.

Love Inc.
Into the Night
BMG Music

For those who want music to lift their spirits, Love Inc.'s latest album Into The Night will fill the bill. There is nothing over complicated with either the lyrics or music – nothing too groundbreaking.

Into The Night is an easy album to listen to. It flows well since most of its tracks sound similar. Most songs have the same throbbing techno beat in the background and love is the main theme of all the lyrics (surprise, surprise).

Of course, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The album is uplifting and the dance beats only add to the spirit of it.

However, it is as far as the album goes in terms of leaving an impression musically. The album seems to play through quickly and the listener might be hard pressed to differentiate between the tracks. At the latter end of the disc the music is more distinct with songs like "I Feel Love" and the clubmix of "Come On (It's Only Love)".

For fans of dance music, this is a good album. For the rest, it will be enough to hear one song at a club or on the radio. As it seems with most dance music these days, if you have heard one song, you have heard them all. There is nothing to hate about this album, but there is nothing to truly appreciate either. It is produced to please everyone and offend no one.

To that end, it is successful.

– Cara maroney

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