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Friday, October 13, 2000


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Fortin for BOG and Justice for students

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Eric Fortin is running for the Board of Governors and, if elected, he has promised to bring 'Justice' back to the students' of this university.

"Students are under-represented voices on Senate and BOG," Fortin said. "Elected representatives don't speak out on the issues that are really important to students."

The second-year political science/French student, said his role on BOG will be to fight for standard topics like tuition and deregulation; but there is also student representation, autonomy of The Gazette, as well as better core course selection, which often go unexamined, he said.

"Student representation on the Senate and BOG is 15 per cent. That's not really fair – 26,000 students and we only get 15 per cent of the say," he said.

A member of the Student Justice Coalition, a recently formed group of students with similar ideas in student politics, Fortin said he will stand up for students and push forward an agenda representative of their interests and needs.

He explained the importance of the BOG is it brings the interests of everyone together – businesses, government, the university and the students. He said at times students get lost along the way and there needs to be a way to work with the system.

"There is no difference between the interests of the university and the interests of the students – they are one in the same," he said. "There has to be an advocate to bring them together and that's what I hope to be."

Fortin is running for both the BOG and Senate and said neither form of governance represents student issues enough. "BOG has a severe under representation of students. I want to work toward a greater proportion of voting seats on the Board of Governors allotted to the student body," he said.

Fortin added the student population does not know what is going on within the BOG and Senate and he would help get the information out.

Fortin said he is an advocate who cares about the issues facing students, which includes social justice. "I know that sounds communist but it's not. I'm just concerned about the reasonable distribution of power at this university."

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