Volume 94, Issue 25

Friday, October 13, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Where have all the gays gone?

Golden Boy asks if peace may be golden calf

Letters to the Editor

A vicious comeback

Re:Trashy Western,Oct 4.

To the Editor:

Jessica Lumiere asked in her letter why Western cannot afford to pay staff to keep the school clean.

I think it's a real mystery where all that trash comes from; garbage cans, blue boxes, what are they?

May I suggest an introductory credit couse entitled "TRASH 101" with the main emphasis on how to make the transition from personal maid service to personal responsiblility.

What?! Surely, you don't expect ME to pick up after myself – after all, look at the big tuition I pay!

Unfortunately, the excellent caretaking staff at Western will not be able to guest lecture at course time as they are too busy "keeping up with picking up!"

Claire Wilkinson
Residence Clerk
UWO Dept. of Housing

PK debate:endgame

Re:PromiseKeeper meeting sparks city-wide debate, Sept 27.

To the Editor:

I was asked to write to The Gazette by several female students from Western who were upset at us thinking that the handout entitled "WHO ARE THE PROMISE KEEPERS!?!" was distributed by our supporters. It used the following phrases: "A Male Supremacist GroupÉ a Homophobic groupÉ Fundamental Christian Men's groupÉ ultra-conservative valuesÉ rallying to support political leaders." We explained that this was distributed by our opponents.

Yes, we are a Christian men's group who believe in seeking God's help to follow the Bible. We certainly are seeking to better the world and we do hold conservative values. We are not homophobic. We believe that sex is a good gift from God to be enjoyed in the context of heterosexual marriage.

We are not racist. I personally conducted an inter-racial wedding ceremony for a UWO couple just a few years ago. One of our conference speakers was Chinese.

Our followers are free to support political leaders who share similar views but our organization is not politically involved.

I hope that this helps you to understand more about Promise Keepers.

Dale Mackness
Assistant Manager
London Promise Keepers Conference

Textbooks beg question

To the Editor:

With mid-terms fast approching, the need to purchase or borrow textbooks becomes ever more pressing. Realizing the inherent value of the knowledge contained in these texts, it must be asked whether or not they are providing value. The answer to this and all other services at Western, appears to be no.

At an average cost of $100, textbooks represent a significant investment. Were the texts identical to those used at first-rate schools, such as Harvard or Oxford, the cost could be justified.

Unfortunately, this does not apper to be the case.

For some inexplicable reason, the authors of the texts appear to be professors at Western. The conclusion that Western is a world leader in nearly all fields will certainly follow the reading of these texts. After all, what benefit is to be derived from learning from any but those foremost in their fields? That is of course assuming Western is striving for academic excellence. This is readily apparent as at Western students are exposed both to Leading and Thinking, if only on canvas.

With this in mind, the selection process of suitable texts must be scrutinized. In many cases, it is readily apparent that the texts are neither leading nor contain substantial thought. Realizing this, it must be asked whether the selection of these books is for the benefit of the students or that of the professors.

Mike Lesage
Economics III

Demonstrations offend some

Re: MSA raises Mideast awareness, Oct 11.

To the Editor:

Isn't it ironic that we Canadians pride ourselves on our tolerance and humanitarianism when I feel that within the walls of Western hate roams free.

I do not wish to deny the validity of Tuesday's demonstration by the Muslim Student Association, nor do I wish to condone the actions of the Israeli government in the continuing Mideast crisis.

I do, however, feel that a campaign for human rights that according to Omar Khan, public affairs commissioner of the MSA, has no political message, should not make students feel uncomfortable or unsafe to walk through campus.

I am a Jewish student who has spent some time in the Israeli army. Therefore it offends me to walk outside the UCC and hear the name of a Palestinian followed by "Murdered viciously at the hands of tyrant Jewish soldiers."

If the demonstration's purpose was to raise awareness about the continuing Mideast struggle, wouldn't a protest for peace be more appropriate? Isn't a peaceful resolution to the crisis what both Jewish students and Palestinian students want at Western?

A joint committee can be set up between the JSU and the MSA to lobby for a peaceful resolution in the Mideast.

It is very difficult for me to accept any demonstration lobbying for human rights that manifests itself by spreading what I feel is hate through the Western community.

Jordan Glick
Psychology II

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