Volume 94, Issue 26

Tuesday, October 17, 2000


Golden Gaels pull off a royal upset

Ruggers' playoff hopes quashed

Soccer team hands Ryerson 11th loss

Mustangs split weekend games 2-1

Mustang loss a disgrace

Soccer team hands Ryerson 11th loss

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Mustang's striker Amme Harding scored two goals on Sunday to help Western complete it's most successful weekend this season.

Harding scored both of her team's goals against Ryerson, resulting in a 2 0 win against the 0 11 Rams.

Ryerson head coach Jon Sanderson said Harding's goal during the opening part of the game shook the confidence of his squad. "That goal in the first couple minutes really put us back on our heels and put us behind the eight-ball," Sanderson said. "We also missed a couple of scoring chances in the second half that would have made a difference."

Sanderson was not disappointed to see his team allow the Western co-captain two goals. "[Harding] was the key to their offence," he said."We knew before the game we'd have to keep a good eye on her and I thought we did for the most part. Unfortunately, there's only so much we can do.

"They played a more physical game and did a good job of keeping it on the ground."

Despite the continuation of the winless season, Ryerson's head coach was positive about his team's willingness to battle. "I thought we battles hard and gave a good overall effort," he said. "We realize we're not the most talented team in the conference and [the players] have worked real hard to counter that."

Harding said the key to the victory was improved team play and it's ability to keep the ball on the ground with solid passing. Western head coach Mark Eys agreed with her assessment. "I thought we played very well, we controlled the play," he said. "We moved the ball a lot better than we have in the past."

He was also pleased to see his team improve it's finishing on the scoring opportunities they were given. "We did a good job of finishing today," Eys said. "[In the past] I've been disappointed with our inability to finish. In most games we were generating the opportunities but we just weren't able to score."

Harding said she believes if they had played the struggling Rams early in the season they still might have been in the playoff hunt. "Too bad we didn't have a game like this at the beginning of the season," she said. "It really would have given us confidence."

On Saturday Western did a good job of holding of the number four ranked in the CIAU Laurier Golden Hawks to scoreless draw. "I was happy to see we kept one of the top teams in the country to a 0 0 tie," Eys said. "Neither team generated anything. They play a very disciplined style of play.

Despite not being able to make the playoffs this weekend's results show Western is still playing hard as the schedule comes to an end. "We've got 4 or 5 players who are leaving after this season," Harding said. "We really want to prove something and finish on a positive note."

"They've come out to play," Eys said. "I'm happy to see they're not giving up."

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