Volume 94, Issue 27

Wednesday, October 18, 2000


Dr. T keeps cast in check

Winona gets Lost


Poe show sees darker sides


Dust off last year's Scream masks folks, because Halloween is a-coming!

Since the fear-and-fun fest is less than two weeks away, you've probably asked yourself, "How can different Web sites aid with my Halloween preparations?" If so, you've come to the right place, so grab your broom stick and surf these suggested scary sites.

The first place you'll probably be inclined to check out merely because of its domain name is, www.halloween.com. The site, called Halloween on the Web, is a good starting point, featuring links to various external sites. The links are organized into categories of the macabre, including vampires, ghosts and witches. It also branches out to include links to chat rooms and an online costume ball for those seeking a more interactive experience.

A more information-based site is www.holidays.net/halloween/. Although it's quite commercial, the site places Halloween in a cultural context and offers information about it as a holiday. With easy navigational tools on each page, an internal search engine and Web locater, this site makes it easy to browse and learn about spooks and ghouls.

And what would Halloween be without the notorious Blair Witch? At www.blairwitch.com, one can learn of the legend of the witch by checking out the impressive "The Legacy" section.

Individuals can also check out merchandise at the online store or find out more about Book of Shadows, the sequel we all knew was coming. The Web site also promotes an online event called "The Blair Witch Web Fest," which gives those interested a chance to chat with the director and stars of the sequel and see live performances from soundtrack artists.

If you're planning to connect with the spirits, or welcome the dead by throwing a party, then you can probably use some Halloween party tips. At www.night.net/halloween/, one can click on "Let's Party" or "Freaky Fun" and encounter suggestions for party games, activities and tricks.

What would a Halloween party be without a round of bobbing-for-apples or putting your guests' hands in a bowl of peeled grapes and declaring it a bowl of eye balls? On this multimedia-heavy site, there are plenty of ideas and suggestions.

Need to devise a creepy menu for the party? If so, then soar.berkeley.edu/recipes/holiday/halloween.htm is definitely the site to see. There are over 200 eerie recipes, including devilled mice, gory gorilla tonsils, fungus-among-us vegetable salad and, to wash it all down, ghoul-ade. The site also features a search engine and links to related sites, because, as Beezelbub knows, evil is everywhere and the Internet can help you find it.

– Rebecca Morier

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