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Thursday, October 19, 2000


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Clubs upset about new Wave schedule policy

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

A change in policy at an on-campus bar has several student cultural clubs feeling like their organizations are being turned away at the door.

Mark Serre, manager of bars and restaurants for the University Students' Council, said The Wave has implemented a new booking policy which will no longer allow student clubs to rent out the bar on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.

Aiming to provide more consistent programming and target a more consistent crowd of patrons, Serre said the three specific nights will now feature the same music for the rest of the year.

He explained apart from the three designated nights, clubs are still welcome to book cultural events and parties on any other night of the week. "Clubs are welcome to book any other night and bring in their own DJ's and music. We're just trying to make The Wave more consistent," he said, adding Friday nights are now hip hop and R&B themed.

But despite the new consistency-driven initiative, several cultural clubs are concerned they will now have no venue to host their clubs' events.

Maria Sophocleous, president of the Hellenic Society, said she was disappointed with The Wave's new policy. "We've grown accustomed to [being able to book Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays] over the years. I've been here for three years and that is the way its always been," she said. "I understand from a business standpoint, but it's just kind of a shock and surprise."

Sophocleous said playing cultural music at club functions is the essence of these events. "Without it, it's just a pub. You could basically get together at someone's house and order pizza," she said. "If I were to plan something in the future, I wouldn't plan it at The Wave. It's just disappointing."

Pakistani Students' Association president, Saleh Zaidi, said he was also concerned about The Wave's new policy.

"[Serre] needs to realize that a lot of clubs are not very happy and I hope that he does not lose out on a lot of business because of it," he said.

Still, Serre said the decision to designate the three particular nights was made in hopes of generating more business for the bar, which has consistently lost money in recent years. He said it was important the bar take initiatives to turn a profit.

"Is it a business or is it a room?" he asked. "We have to allow this business to run as a business so that this bar can eventually make money. That's part of the reason why Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights have been changed," he said.

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