Volume 94, Issue 28

Thursday, October 19, 2000


Harding a real team leader

Volleyballers kick off promising season

New York civil war on the horizon

New York civil war on the horizon

Just a few random thoughts to pass the time while much of the student body waits for financial aid to come through.

– Sure the Mets and Yankees are big budget teams that drive up salaries and make it tough for small market teams to survive. But a Subway Series would be something wouldn't it? Imagine the atmosphere at Shea or Yankee Stadium, where fans regularly throw D cell batteries at opponents. The stakes will be so high the faithful will have to throw car batteries.

– Habs fans must be shaking their collective heads at the news centre Saku Koivu will be out three months with a knee injury. Then again, what do you expect from a guy who is less durable than the average tooth pick.

– It looks more and more to me like the two teams that came out of nowhere to meet in the SuperBowl last year are on a collision course for a rematch. Take the Titans this time though.

–Speaking of football, the top ranked team in Ontario university ball, the McMaster Marauders visit the Mustangs this Saturday afternoon. Something tells me the boys in purple will put to rest some of the lingering questions about their ability. If they can't get motivated to play a first place team after losing to a formerly winless squad at Queen's, then they had better pack it in.

– It saddens me that some Raptors fans actually believe guard Vince Carter will stay in Toronto beyond his current contract. Wake up. When the Knicks come along with a blank cheque and tell Vince to fill in an amount he will do it faster than you can say Tracy McGrady.

– It could be the end of a dynasty this Saturday in Waterloo. The Mustang soccer men must win to make the play-offs. Anything less than a victory against the Warriors and the two time defending champs will be put to bed without their supper.

– I was always told a baseball game had nine innings, but that doesn't apply to games involving the Yankees. If you want to beat the Yanks you better have the lead by the eighth inning because once the ball gets to pitcher Mariano Rivera you might as well turn the channel. Superman has nothing on this guy.

– Is Alexander Daigle still alive?

– The Mustangs play their first hockey game tomorrow in Guelph and chances are, when they play their home games this year, they will do it in front of mostly bare stands. It is a shame most people do not realize the high calibre of hockey they have right under their noses. This year there will be twice as much with the women's team gaining varsity status.

– Nobody before manager Cito Gaston won a world championship with the Blue Jays and nobody since could do it. Maybe it is time to give old Cito his due as a top flight manager. Why has nobody made this guy a bench boss yet?

– Speaking of managers, do you ever look at Yankee skipper Joe Torre and think he is just getting a great seat for no cost. By the way, if his managing career ever fell through, it would take about 10 seconds for him to get a job in any Hollywood gangster movie.

– How the mighty have fallen. It looks like former National Football Conference powerhouses Green Bay, Dallas and San Francisco will all be watching the play-offs from their living rooms come January.

– Something about Mark Messier in a Ranger uniform just looks right.

– Ryan Dixon

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