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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Christians are people too

Re:PromiseKeeper meeting sparks city-wide debate,Sept. 27.

To the Editor:

Once again it seems that people are up in arms over the assembly of PromiseKeepers in their town. It seems nothing has changed.

One thing that never stops is the accusations that PromiseKeepers attendees are a dangerous group of men who have been mobilized to rise up against secular society and abuse gays, women and children into submission of Christian male authority.

None of these accusations are true.

As a reader of The Gazette and a writer who has actually attended PromiseKeepers conferences in the past, I often left feeling motivated by what I heard and excited by the work of the Holy Spirit among the Christian men gathered there. It was a powerful worship experience. But never once did I leave with intentions to abuse fellow members of society, whether they be non-believers, women, or children. This is not at all what PromiseKeepers is about.

The true heart of PromiseKeepers is the gathering together of Christian men, across many denominations and all races or ethnicities, which choose to participate to hear the Word of God, come together to worship Him and hear empowering messages on how to grow as a servant of God in their communities, churches and homes more each day.

When PromiseKeepers speak of the male as head of the household, they speak of his Biblical role to set a holy example for his wife and children and his responsibility to promote Christian growth among his family, not of dictatorial supremacy which gives him the right to treat or mistreat them any way he wishes.

This is not biblical, nor is it part of the Christian way discussed by PromiseKeepers. Christian men have a duty to set good examples and lead their households in Godly ways. This is what it is to be "the head of the family."

You accuse Christians of discriminating against various groups. In your accusations, do not fail to consider that the same measuring stick which you use to define us should also be turned on your tolerance for Christians.

Christians are people too, aren't they? Why should the students or associates of Western be so unaccepting, misunderstanding, intolerant and unreasonable to attack a peaceful assembly of fellow human beings that simply desire to join together to bring Glory to their God?

Joel Campbell

History IV

Reader thinks critics wrong

Re:PromiseKeeper meeting sparks city-wide debate,Sept 27.

To the Editor:

It is clear to me that from my interpretation of the article, that some of the critics of PromiseKeepers, namely Phil Arnold and Debbie Cox, are either quite ignorant of the message of the PromiseKeepers organization or are deceivers, deliberately intending to slander the organization.

Though, I have my suspicions that the latter may be the case, out of charity I will give them the benefit of the doubt and attribute to them the former. I have been to two PromiseKeepers conferences and would like help clear up the ignorance that surrounds them.

PromiseKeepers is a Christian organization. Thus, it necessarily teaches biblical principles regarding men's role in the family. If anyone should think that this is a hostile position to women they ought to do a little reading of the Bible. Yes, God teaches in the Bible that men are the head of the family. However, it does not teach that men are to be "rulers" in the family.

I find it an outrage to read Cox's statement, "There are many gay and lesbian students who go to this school and its facilities are being used for anti-homosexual messages." I would respond by saying "There are many Christian students who go to this school and its facilities are being used for anti-biblical messages!

Furthermore, these messages are being funded with the monies of those Christian students without their permission! (e.g., the Pride Library). Cease your whining, lest you bite the hand that feeds you. If Arnold says that "this is not an attack on the Christian faith" he is wrong. It is a blatant attack. For the Christian faith is based on the Bible and the very things they want banned from being allowed a public forum are based on biblical teaching. This is most certainly an attack on the Christian faith.

Next time these critics decide to voice their opinion on such an organization, I would beg of them to get their facts straight before they speak.

N. D. Muscutt

Philosophy III

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