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Ruggers keep the ball rolling

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Ruggers keep the ball rolling

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By Dave Martin
Gazette Writer

The Western women's rugby team kept their perfect season intact on Saturday, with a convincing 41-10 victory over Brock, extending their regular season record to 4-0.

The match started out closer than the Mustangs have been accustomed to, but they started to roll knocking in three trys in the last ten minutes of the first half. After that there was no looking back

Assistant coach Kathy Atkinson, was thrilled by the effort of the team and said improvements in the team had been made.

"It was really excellent. We reacted a lot quicker, made changes that were necessary in the game plan and simply just executed," she said.

Atkinson said a major difference between the two teams was the fitness level, as well as the strength of the Western backs and knowledge of the pack.

"I think our fitness was a big-time difference especially in the last 20-30 minutes. Our backs dominated and were definitely much stronger. Although they had a big pack our forwards were successful throughout because of their technical skills in the scrums and line-ups," Atkinson said.

Brock coach Gary MacDonald had similar insights to the difference between the two teams.

"They did what they had to do. The ball movement was really good in the Western backline and their forwards finished us off," he said.

MacDonald did not feel fatigue was a factor for his team, but more of a lack in concentration complicated by Brock's inability to play strong for an entire game.

"We started off focused and intense, but then we lost focus and they regained theirs. They really used what they were good at against us," MacDonald said.

Rookie scrum-half Heather McRobb, who scored a try, commented on the depth the team has been blessed with.

"The team is really good this year and I'm surprised at the depth we have from all the rookies. Our forwards are also really strong especially compared to what I'm used to," McRobb said.

The next chore for the women ruggers is a match against a tough Waterloo squad this Friday.

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