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Tuesday, October 31, 2000


It was a complete ambush: Rubinoff

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It was a complete ambush: Rubinoff

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Western Legal Society president, Michael Rubinoff, fired back at the University Students' Council yesterday, surrounding allegations of recent campaign violations during the recent Board of Governors and Senate elections.

At last Wednesday's USC meeting, the USC's chief returning officer, Michael Schecter, said a mass e-mail sent from the Legal Society to all law students endorsing two candidates violated USC bylaw #2 concerning elections. Later Schecter claimed Rubinoff, as Legal Society president, authorized the e-mail and said he should be held responsible for it.

According to Rubinoff, he was not the individual who sent the e-mail encouraging students to vote for BOG candidate Raivo Uukkivi and BOG and Senate candidate Elizabeth Dipchand.

Rubinoff explained the Legal Society met Oct. 17 for their regular general meeting and voted in favour of sending the mass e-mail.

Later, Legal Society vice president, Nawaz Tahir, sent out the e-mail, Rubinoff said, which Tahir confirmed.

"Fact – I didn't send out the e-mail," Rubinoff said.

Rubinoff said he objected to the Oct. 25 presentation made by Schecter, which was allowed by USC speaker Darren Spicknell and President Dave Braun.

"I take responsibility for the actions of the Legal Society. I take responsibility for taking the orders of a democratically elected body. I am more than willing to be judged by elected representatives on the basis of acting in the best interests of law students," he said. "However, on Wednesday, I was denied of doing this."

Schecter's presentation was accusatory and defamatory, Rubinoff said. "This was a complete ambush of me. Mr. Schecter, the elections committee, [USC legal affairs officer Jeff Clayman], Mr. Braun and the speaker must be held accountable for their actions, or lack there of." Rubinoff added he felt the facts concerning his meeting with Clayman previous to the e-mail being sent out, were also misrepresented.

In response, Clayman said the elections committee did not mean to treat Rubinoff poorly. "I think the intent of the elections committee was not to turn Mr. Rubinoff into a political pariah," he explained. "The intent was to inform council of the actions of one of its members and the actions one of its members was responsible for.

"[Rubinoff] has the right to ensure that all allegations are true. He has the right to defend those actions if there is potential that any sanctions will be levied against him," Clayman said.

Spicknell said he thought the events of last Wednesday's USC meeting were unfortunate. "We are taking steps to make sure everyone gets their fair say."

Spicknell added a special USC meeting has been called for 6:30 p.m., this Wednesday to discuss the issue.

Rubinoff said he still seeking legal counsel in response to the incident.

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