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Tuesday, October 31, 2000


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The Crime Scene

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Amid recent crime alerts, Western police have received numerous calls regarding suspicious individuals on campus.

University Police Department Const., Wendy McGowan, said several female individuals have called the UPD to report suspicious males. One report stated a female was being followed by a male through the tunnel from the D.B. Weldon library to the Springett parking lot. The woman who made the report said the male was around 6 feet tall, McGowan explained.

On Oct. 26, two suspicious males were reportedly seen by the blue emergency phone at the Springett parking lot. Police responded, but found no sign of the individuals, McGowan said.

Then, on Oct. 28 at 9:34 p.m., a strange male was reported jogging through the Research Park near University Hospital. According to McGowan, police were dispatched to the area, found the person in question was a student and took no further action.

"We've had more reports of suspicious activity, which very much contributes to community safety," she said. "If someone feels something is not right, we'd rather they report it, than find out they should have reported it later."

In other crime related news, the UPD has had several reports of drivers attempting to enter the Huron College and Springett parking lots without paying the parking rate, McGowan said. In most cases, UPD alerts parking services who locate the vehicle and ticket the automobile for a parking violation.

The UPD has also received several cellular telephones, turned in from students who found them around campus, she said, adding any students who have lost a cell phone should check with the UPD. "I see them as a safety tool for students," she said. "If students have lost their cell phone they should stop by the office."

As well, in light of recent problems with students staying late in campus classrooms, McGowan said she wanted students to know they must inform custodians and the proper faculty members to ensure they are permitted to remain after normal university hours.

Anyone needing assistance or wishing to report a crime can call the UPD at 661-3300.

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