Volume 94, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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Thames toxic blot to be contained

Ottawa students protest tuition changes

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Med students plead for tuition decrease

Ottawa students protest tuition changes

By Sarah Lasch
Gazette Writer

Students at the University of Ottawa recently resorted to civil disobedience to get the school's administration to listen to them.

Joel Duff, president of the University of Ottawa's Graduate Student Association, said last Monday approximately 50 students gathered in front of Tabaret Hall, the campus administration building, to protest recent changes to the undergraduate tuition payment schedule. Duff said the students occupied the lobby and other areas of Tabaret Hall until Thursday.

Duff said the students showed solidarity with over 150 different people present at different times throughout the protest.

"The students took the administration building by storm," Duff said, adding the students remained peaceful throughout the protest and were willing to stay until their concerns were addressed.

Mike Howard, vice-president of student affairs for the University of Ottawa Student Association, said the main protest issue was a new tuition policy the administration had implemented, which required students to make their full tuition payment in September.

He said a new $40 charge has also been instated for those students who do not pay their tuition on time.

Howard said he was concerned because students were not properly consulted, or sufficiently notified of the important tuition change.

Lise Huot, spokesperson for University of Ottawa administration, said the administration regretted the timing of the announcement in which the decision to modify tuition was made.

Huot said a task force was put in place by administration as a result of the protest to alleviate students' concerns. She said the task force will feature three student representatives and three members of administration.

"The mandate of the task force will be to review and report on fees and structure. For example, tuition, ancillary and administration fees and also to propose mechanisms that will ensure adequate consultation prior to fee increases," she said.

Howard said the $40 late tuition fine was not eliminated, but added students felt they got their message across.

"I think they definitely know that they have to be held accountable," Howard said, of administration. "Now they know that we won't back down."

Duff said he was pleased by the support shown for the student cause, adding the political awareness on campus has increased as a result of the protest.

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