Volume 94, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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Wet/Dry violators to be fined

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Minors who choose to drink at campus bars may soon face stiff financial penalties from the University Students' Council.

Jeffrey Clayman, USC legal affairs officer, explained the USC is currently planning to launch a new system of punishing violators of the USC's wet/dry policy.

Under present procedure, underage students who are caught drinking or intoxicated, have their wet/dry card revoked and are served with a notice to appear before student court.

If new measures are accepted, violators will be served with a fine of $103.75, which they can pay or appeal to the student court. All money received through fines will be put towards student court costs and any money left will be donated to charity.

Insp. Bob Earle, of the University Police Department, said the new program would make the system more efficient. "For the most part [student court and the wet/dry program] run really well," he said. "Sometimes [student court] gets bogged down in procedure. A more direct approach might streamline it.

Manager of The Spoke and The Wave, Mark Serre, said he approved of the new approach. "It's going to make a big difference," he said. "It's immediate. Part of the problem with the wet/dry program was the punishment system. There was no immediacy."

Wet/dry violations affect more than the offender, Serre added. Serving alcohol to minors can lead to fines or suspensions for bars and establishments. Still, Serre said, The Spoke and The Wave make sure their staff are focused on preventing minors from drinking and do it better than any bar in the city.

Verlyn Henriques, USC wet/dry commissioner, said there is approximately one violation of the wet/dry policy per week and nearly 4900 students are underage at Western.

He added, it was very difficult for underage students to get away with drinking at The Spoke or The Wave. "The door staff are top notch. It's virtually impossible to get away with underage drinking."

Peter Mercer, VP-administration, said underage drinking is an insurance liability for the university.

"It's a growing area of concern for several reasons," he said. "If an underage student is served alcohol and then injures themselves or others, the server can be held liable for the damages."

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