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Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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Trudeau remembered

Re: Trudeau dies at 80,Sept 29.

To the Editor:

In the time of an individual's passing it is natural to dwell on the positive attributes of that individual.

Although Pierre Trudeau was far from it, their were moments during his reign as prime minister, that Canadians truly thought he was perfect.

Despite the many accomplishments and failures he made as prime minister, he will forever be remembered as a figure that always captured our attention, even when he was out of the spotlight.

In 1968, Mr. Trudeau ushered an era into Canadian politics that the country was in dire need of. Like John F. Kennedy in the US, Trudeau brought about a mystique to serving one's country in public office. Unlike JFK, Trudeau proved charisma cannot win you the public's support all the time, hence his famous quote "Reason Before Passion."

Perhaps Trudeau's greatest accomplishment as prime minister, was that he was able to balance his popularity with his ability to govern this country, which allowed him to go down in history as one of this country's greatest leaders.

After leaving office in 1984, Trudeau's influence in Canadian politics could be seen as a new breed of public figures began to emerge in this country. These new leaders showed traces of Trudeau's style; such as former Premier of Ontario David Peterson, Quebec Liberal Party leader, John Charest and even Quebec Premier, Lucien Bouchard.

The youthful dynamism that the early Trudeau years represented still lives in the minds of Canadians who lived through it and is present in Canada today, as it was thirty years ago.

Individuals such as myself who were not even alive when Trudeau first came to power, also recognize the lasting impact he had on this country and its citizens.

Whether or not Canada would have been better off had Trudeau never been elected Prime Minister remains to be seen. When we remember him. I hope, we remember him as individual who taught us that public office is a noble profession in which all that all Canadians can take pride.

Peter Murphy
Political Science and Mathematics IV

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