Volume 94, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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Club goers disappointed with UCC tent

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Club goers disappointed with UCC tent

To the Editor:

As VP-communications of the Western Snowboarding Federation, I was disappointed by the way this year's Clubs Week was run. We were stuck in the tents outside and though we were promised electricity, I believe we only had it half the time.

This meant we couldn't show videos to attract members or laminate membership cards.

Heat was also a problem, as I think the generator kept running out of gas and it seemed to take hours to fix it. Some days we had no heat at all and it was very cold! While I believe there were good intentions on the part of the University Students' Council to solve the problem of the poster sale and Clubs Week at the same time, there were many things that needed improvement.

As a result of our club being located outside the UCC, I believe we had fewer members sign up this year. The USC needs to remedy situations like this to give all clubs equal opportunity. Hopefully they will do so in the future.

-Venessa James
Microbiology/Immunology IV

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