Volume 94, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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VP Sinal firmly answers back with guns ablazing

Re: Senate issue still at large, Sept 27.

To the Editor:

In his Sept. 27 letter regarding voting rights of senators on the University Students' Council, Paul Yeoman suggests that it would be wise for me to "stay out of (the senator) discussion" and "stay neutral" on the issue, presumably due to the fact that, according to Mr. Yeoman, I am "neither a senator, nor a current USC Councillor".

I feel I should correct Mr. Yeoman by pointing out that not only have I been a USC Councillor for Huron College for two years and currently have a vote on the council as its VP-student affairs, but that I am also completing my term as the Senator for the affiliate colleges, which I have held for the past year and a half.

In the future, I hope Mr. Yeoman will make an effort to ensure his claims are true before dispensing advice.

Chris Sinal
USC VP-student affairs

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