Volume 94, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 4, 2000


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I wore a rose today

I wore a rose today

To the Editor:

The tears finally fell

after days of remembering,

of wishing I could be there on the Hill,

To pay my respects,

To take my place among the mourners.

I felt a pressing need to form a tangible

connection with him,

because I couldn't overcome the barriers of

time and space,

because fleeting images on the news weren't


So I wore a rose today,

A living tribute to one who has passed on

but whose memory still breathes

in the collective conscious of the world.

"Mon nom est québecois, mais mon

nom est canadien aussi!

C'est a mon nom!"

Merci pour votre vision d'un Canada uni,

d'une solidarité vivante,

célbrant notre diversité culturelle

et linguistique.

I never met you,

or had the priviledge to shake your hand

and tell you how much you were a part

of my childhood,

how much I identify with you,

For how you proudly embodied our

two solitudes,

For having a dream and the drive to

make it come true.

I quote myself as a young child:

"Daddy, Petro Canada is Mr. Trudeau's oil company!"

et je souris – tels sont les souvenirs

de mon enfance –

et je plains les enfants de la nouvelle generation

qui ne connait pas une telle influence, ton influence.

But your memory will live on,

in the smiles of all Canadians, old

and young whose rights and

freedoms have been assured,

by you – we are your legacy.

And you are our rose,

– a scarlet blossom

like the one I wear today

over my heart.

Merci Monsieur Trudeau,

notre premier ministre, ami

et frre.

Sarah Scholte
English/French III

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