Volume 94, Issue 22

Friday, October, 6, 2000


This Elevator is now in service

It's twilight time for Dulli

Moffats are all grown up

Friday Rant

Friday Rant

Mr. Richmond 6 driver – You saw me running, why didn't you stop? If you ever have a flat tire on the highway during a crapass winter storm, I hope no one stops for you.

The weather – After an awful summer of rain, wind and thunder, why the hell does it need to be sunny and warm when I'm in class.

Trudeaumania Y2K – Folks, it's the year 2000, not 1967. The man was great, but let's not turn him into an overused soundbite.

Naked Masturbators in public – Hey guys, physical plant called. They said they're not currently hiring whitewashers.

Vegetarians – Have a great weekend, ya' turkeys!

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