Volume 94, Issue 22

Friday, October, 6, 2000


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An eventful smorgasbord

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An eventful smorgasbord

With turkey time creeping ever so close, marking a surprisingly quick end to the academic year's first quarter, we at The Gazette decided it might be beneficial to look back at recent news to get a decent perspective on what's making headlines at Western. One need not look very hard to find all types of news related events which can be categorized in one of three ways: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good:

The nation mourned the passing of one of its most popular and heralded leaders in former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. While the news of Trudeau's passing saddened all the Canadians who regarded him as a profound leader, an ancillary effect of his death was the crystallization of over 30 years of history. Canadians were prompted to ask themselves what it means to be Canadian. More than likely, they came to conclusions that did not include beer, donuts and cold winters. Rather, they realized how much Canadians could take pride in their cultural diversity, tolerance and co-operation, which have made the country an international stand-out.

Efforts to finalize the clean-up of the toxic Thames River blob, London's back-clinging environmental monkey, have finally made headway, as the project is expected to be finished before the year closes. Go team.

The University of Western Ontario has begun drawing up its policy on regulating sweatshop labour for official university apparel. Enforceable? Could be difficult. Good for principle? Absolutely.

The Bad:

Plans for the new downtown arena have fallen short of their anticipated finish date. Provided the London Knights hockey team performed well enough to be in the running for the Memorial Cup, the new facility would have been a selling point for London to act as host. Moreover, its injection of new attractions into the City's ailing downtown core is needed ASAP. The longer the arena gets postponed, the worse London suffers its economic migraine headaches.

A sexual predator at Toronto's York University has struck fear into students who should otherwise be worrying about mid-terms and essays. To make matters worse, sexual deviants on Western's campus have also been spotted. Gross violations of students' safety and security seem to be a theme at more than one university campus.

And for one final kick in the pants, the first ever night-game on Western soil is scheduled to take place during a weekend when a majority of students won't be around to pay witness.

The Ugly:

Filed under "Weird," a local politician vying for a spot on City Council was arrested for allegedly robbing a bank. He's still in the running, but has been remanded for a psychiatric assessment. Still, if past political events are any indicator, the individual isn't out of the race by a long shot.

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