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Friday, October, 6, 2000


UWO football: let there be night

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Windsor and Western discuss possible med school partnership

New arena delayed by nine months

Earning respect for Trudeau

Corroded Disorder

UWO football: let there be night

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The Western football team is hoping to turn the lights out on the Waterloo Warriors as the first night game in Mustang history is set to kick off.

Chair of intercollegiate athletics, Darwin Semotiuk, said he is very excited about taking advantage of the new stadium's lighting capabilities. "This is the first and only night game all year," he said of tomorrow's 7 p.m. match versus the Waterloo Warriors.

"We recognize most students will be heading home this weekend and unfortunately will be missing out."

Tony Brenner, manager of TDW, said he was working with the Intercollegiate Athlestics and had hoped to try and get the event on Thursday or Friday night, but was unable to schedule it.

"This was the only weekend to work a game like this in. Football needs an entire week to prepare for games, that's why Saturday's are so important," he said. "As for other night games, TV plays a role as they prefer an afternoon game to an evening one."

In response to the migration of Western students from London, Semotiuk said athletics has put a marketing package out to London community members and high schools.

Larry Haylor, head football coach of the Mustangs, said they tried to host Friday night, but Waterloo was unable to attend. He said if there was going to be a night game, it had to be this weekend.

"The 21st would be too late, as the weather would become more of a factor in the game. This was the only moment that logically presented itself," he said. "A night game is a unique event. I was a big supporter of it from the beginning of the stadiums planning stages."

Mustang tailback Ron Shalit, said the game should be exciting. "A lot of us have never played in a night game. Waterloo is also a good team so it should be a great game," he said.

Shalit added they have not changed their game strategy because of the evening start time, because TDW has a great lighting system making the conditions similar to daylight on the field.

Brenner added TDW's ability to have night games and events present an entire new list of opportunities for athletics both within and outside the university.

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