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Friday, October, 6, 2000


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Windsor and Western discuss possible med school partnership

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Windsor and Western discuss possible med school partnership

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Ontario needs doctors and Western and Windsor may have a solution.

Carol Herbert, dean of the faculty of medicine and dentistry at Western, said Western is involved in early negotiations which would see the university expand its medical program to include a satellite campus at the University of Windsor.

"Southwestern Ontario is as under-doctored as the North when you compare the number of doctors to the population," she explained.

She said the proposed medical school partnership will involve infrastructure from both universities and an increase in Western's medical school enrollment.

University of Windsor president, Ross Paul, said there is an estimated shortage of close to 50 general practitioners and specialists in the Windsor and Essex County areas.

"There's not much incentive or funding to create a new medical school," Paul said, adding a partnership with Western could help the Windsor medical community. "We should make maximum use of existing infrastructure."

Frank Begatto, chief executive officer of Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor, said the proposed program will provide residencies and internships for the Windsor medical community and increased opportunities for students.

"There is a lot of experience to be gained here," Begatto said. "Another benefit is if a medical student gets to know a community, then they often want to stay and practice in that community."

Dan Strasbourgh, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, said $23 million in funding has been committed to address the shortage, including close to 40 new positions for Ontario's medical schools.

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