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New campaign seeks $270 million

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

In the hopes of adding lustre to its image and $270 million to its coffers, Western has engineered a multi-million dollar promotional and fundraising campaign.

Campaign Western, to be launched officially on Sept. 22, has already made its presence felt with prominent advertisements in The London Free Press and in public spaces around London.

According to Ted Garrard, Western's VP-external, the campaign has several objectives. Those goals include recruiting and retaining top faculty members and students, increasing research capacity and ensuring superior academic programs.

Garrard said the primary aim of the campaign is to raise $270 million in non-governmental donations by April 30, 2004. The one exception to the non-governmental criteria, he stated, was a $10 million gift Western has received from the City of London.

He stated the total cost of running the campaign over the next four years would be approximately $13.6 million.

Kevin Goldthorp, the campaign director, said the program has raised $152 million to date. Goldthorp estimated about 65 per cent of donated funds have come from private individuals, both alumni and non-alumni, with about 20 per cent coming from corporations and 10 per cent from foundations.

University Students' Council president Dave Braun said he and USC VP-student affairs Chris Sinal, will propose a USC donation to the campaign at this Wednesday's council meeting.

Braun explained under the proposal, the Student Endowment Fund into which each student now pays $50 each year, would be classified as part of Campaign Western.

He stressed if the proposal gains approval by council, students will still receive the same financial aid they have received from the fund in the past, but its inclusion in Campaign Western will make the campaign over $9 million larger.

"In principle, the USC endorsing Campaign Western will help facilitate new donations throughout the community," Braun said. "It obviously makes it easier for the university to solicit funds [from other sources] when its own stakeholders feel [Campaign Western] is worthwhile."

Eddie Ebanks, president of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association, stressed Western needs to raise professor salaries if it hopes to attract first-class faculty members.

"We have to be aware that the salaries here at Western are not comparable to those of our competitors," he said, adding that salaries at University of Toronto, McMaster, and Queen's are higher than those at Western.

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