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"O" what a successful week

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

With the curtain down on Orientation Week 2000, students seem to be applauding and, more notably, administration doesn't seem to be booing.

"This year's formula worked," said Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration.

"I was very pleased with the way the sophs made preparations for the week and I want to especially single out [Orientation Officer] Tim Shorthill for congratulations," he said.

Roma Harris, registrar and vice-provost, echoed Mercer's approval and said she was pleased with the new two day move-in period

"I certainly thought that move-in was a big success and the responsiveness of the O-Week officer [Shorthill] was great," she stated.

Harris also cited the absence of alcohol-centred orientation events, as a step in the right direction.

"I think it's a positive change and we've been anxious about that," she said, explaining the elimination of grade 13 in two years, will mean many frosh under 19 will attend Orientation Week 2003.

For his part, Shorthill said he didn't think the move to dry activities had any dramatic effects on the frosh themselves. "It didn't have much of an impact in that most of the frosh didn't know that alcohol had been served in the past," he said.

Shorthill said he thought the 2000 edition of O-Week was the best ever, citing the particpation, enthusiasm and attitude of sophs and frosh alike, as reasons for its success. The program featured a record 790 sophs, he said.

The University Students' Council and administration currently have no long-term agreement on the length and structure of Orientation Week.

However, VP-administration Mercer, said he sees no reason why a lasting Orientation Week agreement can not be established.

Shorthill said he supports a long-term arrangement, since he had to begin planning O-Week last January, but did not learn what its final form would be until a Western Senate meeting in the summer.

Still, Harris said she thought it would be unwise to commit to a long-term plan for the week. "To try to sign it into a 5-year contract doesn't make sense to me because we have to be flexible," she said, adding developments like the double cohort require that Orientation Week be adaptable.

First-year social science student, Robyn Valentine, also praised her orientation experience.

"It was awesome and the sophs do an awesome job of making you feel really welcome," she said. Valentine added, while orientation activities were alcohol free, several of her nightly outings involved drinking.

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