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J.W. Little struck by ENG 04 graffiti

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

A dormant J.W. Little Stadium was awoken from its retirement late Saturday afternoon, as a coaching room was broken into and vandalized.

Const. Wendy McGowan of the University Police Department said suspects broke into the stadium storage room and proceeded to the main coach's room.

"The break-in happened Saturday afternoon while the team was away playing at Windsor. There was $25 damage committed as a result of the break-in," she said.

Along with the vandalism, McGowan said there was also graffiti written on the main play board that spelled out 'Eng 04', referring to this year's incoming engineering science class.

"Police have contacted the Society of Engineering Undergraduate president about the situation, but we can't say it was one of them at the time being. As it stands right now, the issue is still under investigation."

Western football head coach Larry Haylor said other than some paint and a broken window, the only real damage done was the unhinging of a door into the coaching room.

"Nothing was really taken of any sort of importance and we're not aggressively looking into who did this. Like anyone who's had a private place broken into, you kind of take a step back and go on the defensive," he said. "In the end, it's not that big of a deal."

Haylor would not comment as to whether or not the graffiti was in fact the 'Eng 04' symbol, but said whoever did it could have written anything to mask their identity.

"It could have been three people walking by the stadium, it could have been one individual who planned the entire thing out. Whatever the case, anytime anything like this happens, all you can do is contact the authorities and let them handle it."

Engineering head soph Craig Perry said he was not aware that Saturday afternoon's events had occurred, as he and most of his team were participating in the Shinerama charity drive.

"Most of my sophs were out in the downtown core, so this is all news to me," Perry said. "We had a meeting [Monday] night to say that the stadium was off limits once and for all."

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