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Students bring the big bucks to town

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

School is in and the long line-ups around the university and the City of London means businesses are booming with the arrival of the student population.

Student services and entertainment establishments are reaping the rewards of a new school year, something Susan Kisch, manager of The Ceeps and Barney's, said she always looks forward to every year.

"We've had a fabulous week and we're looking forward to continuing success in the upcoming months. People just seem to really love The Ceeps and Barneys," she said, business triples during the school year.

Kisch said the Richmond Street strip is always busy and there is a friendly competition that goes on between all of the bars and clubs. "It's great because there are so many thousands of students that not one place could possibly fit everyone in it."

On campus, Mark Serre, manager of The Wave and The Spoke, said the first week has been a really great start to the year at both locations. He also said he hopes business will stay consistent throughout the year.

"The Spoke is busy as usual, but the Wave had four really good nights during Orientation Week," he said. "Whether it was the schedule change [during O-week] or the new renovations within The Wave, I'm not sure but things have been great."

Serre said The Wave renovations, including the addition of pool tables, a levelling of the dance floor and the creation of more dining booths, has created a better atmosphere for business.

"There's enough faculty and staff around filling up most of our lunch crowd during the day, while the night will be a lot of first year students partying."

Eastown Pizza, located by the Richmond Street front gates, has tripled their business since the start of the school year, according to manager Ian McLeod, who attributes the increase to the returning student population.

"We've been preparing for two weeks – building up our stock and supplies getting ready for the rush."

McLeod said their entire focus is on the university population and because of that, business is good all year. "Weekends are especially crazy with all of the partying – all love this time of year."

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