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All's quiet on the Western front

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Western police had a relatively quiet O-Week with little in the way of arrests and apprehensions despite the massive influx of students.

The great frosh move-in went relatively smoothly despite road work on Richmond Street and Windermere Road. This can be greatly attributed to move-in being spread out over two days, said Insp. Bob Earle of the University Police Department.

But Orientation week was not completely trouble free, as various crimes, offences and several minor infractions were reported over the past seven days.

On Sept. 4 at 7 p.m., a theft of cash from the Social Science Student Council office was reported, Earle said. Later that same night, Western Foot Patrol reported 10 to 12 people damaging an automobile. Upon further investigation, it was revealed the group was participating in a relatively harmless O-week prank and no charges were filed.

On Sept. 6, UPD received a call from an engineering professor who said a student was refusing to leave his office. The student had left the office by the time officers arrived, Earle said.

The Student Emergency Response Team responded to a medical call on Sept. 6, as a male was reported suffering from a seizure in the University Community Centre. Earle said he was very happy with SERT's response time and effectiveness in handling the situation.

Sept. 7's annual University College hill concert required an ambulance as a female fell while body-surfing and suffered a head injury. She was cared for and taken to hospital for further treatment, Earle said.

Three to four males were seen running in the nude down Western Road on Sept. 8. By the time police arrived, all involved were fully clothed again and no further action was taken by UPD.

There was a report of a fight in the Social Sciences building parking lot on Sept. 11, but all suspects were gone by the time police arrived, Earle explained.

For the entire week, 12 liquor charges were filed for underage and public alcohol consumption. Four narcotics charges were also laid, Earle said.

Overall, Earle said he was very impressed with how quietly O-Week passed. "This O-Week was the quietest I've seen in many, many years."

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