Volume 94, Issue 7


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Good tidings to all students

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Good tidings to all students

To the Editor:

For students, this is the time of your life that dreams are made of. Students have left home to prove themselves to begin fulfilling their lives.

The city is more alive with an increased youth population, along with their enthusiasm and hopes. It is also a reminder to students that statistics begin to reveal many misfortunes.

Every year, on college and university campuses, there are deaths from car accidents and reports of abuse and rape. Beware so you are not one of those statistics. No one wants to receive one of those frightful calls late at night.

As a citizen, resident and parent I would like your year at Western to be a pleasant and successful experience – as well as a wonderful memory. It is your choice and wise decisions that will ensure this.

Good luck and beware.

Eileen Van Meer

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