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Chretien and Martin should keep their hands off our hard earned cash

To the Editor:

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is suggesting a $30 billion dollar surplus by the end of the year. He suggests we already had $8 billion in the coffers in May. What ever happened to zero based budgeting?

Who appointed him and Martin as our bankers? I always thought that the government collected the taxes for pre-destined budgets. Now we are collecting taxes at outrageous rates and deciding where to spend Canadian's money after the fact.

I would love to see any manager go to his executive and ask for an increased budget without accurately describing what he/she was going to do with the money.

I really resent having our Prime Minister tell me and other Canadians that they will reward us for the sacrifices we have made. It is not their money, it is our money. If you did not plan and budget properly and you have a surplus, give it back to Canadians or pay off the national debt.

What is happening to this country? Are we going to allow the government to continue to line its coffers, provide plans that de-incentivise our Canadian population to excel and in general mismanage our country?

The continued growth of this country and well being of the Canadian citizen is a result of wonderful Canadian people working hard, excellent business finds by our industry leaders and very little to do with government.

Government is the real roadblock to expansionism in most cases. Let us force the government to present a platform and identify clearly what they propose in the next budget. Then let them assign the tax rates to support such a plan if they are elected and finally let's hold them accountable.

If they don't achieve the plan they should resign and leave politics forever. Let's bring back accountability to the government. Oh Gosh, maybe I am asking for too much!

Leslie Jedrychowski
Brossard, Quebec

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