Volume 94, Issue 7


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A message about pudding

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A message about pudding

To the Editor:

The raisins in a pudding are proof that the raisins are there. How many raisins do you need in order to see that Mike Harris and his cronies Tom Long, Ralph Klein and that other blimp (pimple?) on the horizon Stockwell Day want to see another star on the American flag, our Canada.

Bless Canada, U.S.A., Mexico and the rest of the world who are against people of this calibre, who are false gods come to destroy and not to save. They have already proven their destructive ways when they came to power.

How many raisins do you need in order to see these people for what they are?

The proof is in the pudding. Go with God. Send out this message loud and clear to all God fearing people. Thank you.

Micheal J. Packloff
Scarborough, Ontario

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