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Frosh issue cover made parents cry

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Frosh issue cover made parents cry

Re: Frosh issue cover art Sept. 8

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Phil Arnold for his wonderful graphic on the opening issue of The Gazette and The Gazette itself, to have the social responsibility to set the year's tone for academic, social, and journalistic integrity.

My, isn't that Alice a shapely, buxom broad? I'd certainly like to take the advice of the mushroom she's holding and "eat her." I think that this is a completely appropriate message to send to the female population of our school: Easiness sells. If you're a female frosh, you ought to be easy, because sister, you're not here on your merits, you're not here to get a degree – you're here because you look good!

Is that mad hatter sporting a shapely erection in his green trousers? Who can blame him? I'm sure that if he does something naughty or nasty with Miss Alice that he'll be let off the hook; after all, he IS mad.

That jack of diamonds has the right idea, too. After all, what red blooded, Canadian university male wouldn't like a piece? I think that the cover sent the right message to the university population.

We're well on our way to replacing Western's reputation of being a party school, because we're replacing it with the image that we're no philistines. We respect art, in this case cartooning, with all of Alice's ups, downs and curves.

I sent a copy home to my parents and needless to say, they were extremely impressed that I've chosen to make Western my alma mater. They were so happy that they cried.

Curtis W.L. Jones
Sociology II

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