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The future of garbage - how education can come of trash

By Christopher Hodge
Graphics Editor

Garbage is very expensive to produce. After all, all that junk had to be manufactured first before it could be casually thrown away.

Yet there it is, a fortune in disposable merchandise, a testiment to our disposable society.

In a million years that's what they're going to dig up – a layer of sediment full of styrofoam cups and empty detergent boxes.

Now this isn't going to be a rant about the benefits or recycling, or a call for a reduction in garbage, far from it.

I'm simply suggesting that we appreciate what will eventually be the archaelogical treasures of the future. Our society will be defined by the garbage we produce – it is the only thing that we are actually conserving for our future generations.

A garbage dump is by far the best method of preserving large amounts of junk. They're enormous and they're not often meddled with. Then give or take a few million years and voila, instant museum collectables. So there you have it: A formula for immortality and a means to have a lasting effect on our future generations – and you thought you hadn't accomplished anything!

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