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Londoners apathetic to upcoming elections

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

It would appear London residents are satisfied with the present City Council, as few new candidates have stepped forward to run in the November elections.

Of the 18 current members of City Council, 14 are running for re-election in the same or different positions on council. In Wards 1 and 3, the only people running are incumbents and in all, only 14 non-current council members have officially declared their intention to run for office – with 8 running in the Ward 6 race. Supervisor for the London Municipal Election office, Jo-Anne Garis confirmed this year's total number of candidates for public office as of mid-August was less than last year's total at the same time.

Ben Veel, currently a Ward 6 councillor, said the lack of new faces in city politics can be attributed to complacency within the community. While he is not running for City Council this fall, he said he does plan to serve in the public domain in some way.

"People are quite happy with London becoming a retirement community," he said. "They're happy with the status quo."

Susan McDonald-Aziz, who is running for one of the two Ward 2 councillor positions, said she too was concerned with the number of candidates so far.

Aziz, who runs the community paper Around London, said an overall confidence in the current council results in less interest in new elections. "Most residents think there's some capable people there now, so I don't need to worry," she said. "The thing that bothers me is that you're going to get lower voter turnout because there's no race to keep them interested."

Gord Hume, current Ward 7 councillor who is running for a position on London's Board of Control, said the current council's good performance has largely contributed to the low candidate turnout. "Many feel this council has done well and feel things don't need to change," he said.

Garis said candidate applications have slowly been trickling in and on October 13 at 5 p.m., nominations officially close.

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